Special Guest Blogger


Special Guest Blogger

Special Guest Blogger WANTED! I want you to be my Special Guest Blogger! Have you ever wanted to be treated special and you wanted to have something for free because nothing is free anymore or even cheap at that matter? What?! Me too. That is why I made this page, because I think that you are special and I want you to be my Special Guest Blogger! This page is for people like you who would like to be noticed and have something in their life they want to advertise, and it can be their website and/or products, or whatever they are doing that is special to them. Well here I will post it for FREE on my blog, because you are special to me and I want you to be my special guest blogger

Who is Special Guest Blogger Only really For?!

Special guest blogger isn’t only for Empower Network, it’s for ANYONE and EVERYONE! If you have something you want to share with the world then do it here! You have to follow the directions below to get started, it is very painless and you can trust me! 

What you need to do to be a special guest blogger:

1. Get your pictures, videos, links, ready.

2. Write about your business or whatever it is you want to advertise telling me where you want your pics, vids, or links. 

3. Tell me what you want the title to be.

4.Send it to me…


and “Like” my Facebook Page and message me to let me know (Optional but recommended so I know quicker.)


Add me as a Facebook friend!


What is beneficial to being a Special Guest Blogger?

 Special guest blogger benefits are that you are advertising your biz or something in your life for free and this can actually be pretty expensive elsewhere. It is  kind of like an adswap (see what an adswap is HERE) except I am not asking anything from you except the steps above. 

Being a special guest blogger is beneficial for you because it can also bring you more customers to your products and more traffic to your site, and it is free for you from me! So whatever traffic you get from me because you post on my blog will be free. More traffic is good for your site to get better ranking on the search engines and helps your site get seen more in front of the people you want it to be seen. 

Being a special guest blogger is benificial for you because your Alexa ranking can get better as well, because of the traffic you can get on your site! 

Well I sure hope you decide to become my special guest blogger!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

"If this isn’t Empowering, I don’t know what is…"



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